Florida City Rolls Out Wireless Network To Improve Public Safety

The Town of Juno Beach, Fla. and Tropos Networks recently announced that Juno Beach’s wireless broadband network is being used today by both police officers to improve public safety, as well as for cost-effective Internet access services for the community.

“Our initial goal in deploying the network was to provide our mobile police officers with real-time access to information as they patrolled the community, helping make them more efficient,” said Jim Lyons, mayor of Juno Beach.

The Tropos solution has greatly improved the overall effectiveness of police officers, enabling them to connect to the network from laptops in their patrol cars, providing them with real time access to key databases, and enabling download of photos, filing of reports and access to the same applications as at the precinct.

“The ability for police officers to spend more time patrolling in the community while maintaining access to critical data has significantly improved their efficiency, and overall safety of the community,” said Police Chief Dennis Weiner.

The network now blankets the 2.4 square miles of the city, covering both business and residential areas of the city. GTS designed and provided installation and configuration services for the network.

Additional applications planned for deployment early next year that will further improve public safety are centralized traffic light monitoring for red light and speeding violations, and computer aided dispatch and records management. Several applications being evaluated include in-police car access to the live video feeds from the security cameras around town; real-time automated license plate reading; and a security alarm monitoring service offered to residents and businesses.

“Juno Beach’s use of the Tropos wireless network is another strong example of how a city benefits from owning and operating a wireless broadband IP network that helps them more efficiently operate many different municipal services,” said Tom Ayers, president and CEO of Tropos Networks. “Like Juno Beach, we see many customers using Tropos as a foundation for creating communities that are safer and smarter to help improve the quality of life.”

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