Indiana Credit Union Deploys E-Mail Gateway Appliance

McAfee Inc. recently announced that Teachers Credit Union, the largest credit union in Indiana, has deployed McAfee E-mail Gateway appliance (formerly IronMail) to protect sensitive information and help eliminate viruses, spam and malware before it reaches users.

TCU selected McAfee E-mail Gateway device because of its best-in-class functionality, its track record in catching and eliminating spam, and its ability to secure outbound e-mail to prevent data leakage.

Keeping depositors' money safe is not the only thing that banks and credit unions have to be concerned about. Keeping data safe from leakage, viruses, malware and spam is an even greater challenge. To meet that challenge, TCU's Network Engineer Robert Boenne sought out to replace an older system that was not able to keep up with TCU's growth.

"The McAfee E-mail Gateway appliance works with minimal human intervention, which frees up valuable IT staff time,” Boenne said. “We have greater piece of mind knowing that the product is constantly working in the background to make sure our mail environment is safe."

“The financial services industry has to handle security on many different fronts, perhaps more than any other industry,” said Ken Rutsky, vice president of product marketing for McAfee. “But with today’s economic crunch it’s not enough to provide security; it’s got to be cost effective. The McAfee E-mail Gateway appliance delivers integrated capabilities and ease of administration that lowers the total cost of protection. Built on our TrustedSource reputation service, we are able to keep ever-changing cyber threats at bay without any customer management.”

TrustedSource, a multi-protocol, reputation-based technology assigns reputation scores to Internet hosts, senders, domains, URLs and messages based on behavior, much like a credit bureau assigns credit ratings to consumers.

“My opinion of TrustedSource is that it is the single most important technology McAfee has on the device,” Boenne said. “The appliance itself delivers tremendous benefits, and the addition of TrustedSource adds a whole new dimension of possibilities.”

Fighting inbound threats is only half the battle, however, and securing outbound email to prevent data leakage was of equal importance to the Indiana credit union. When its employees communicate confidential information to vendors or credit union members, TCU has to pay attention to outbound security as well. These e-mails must be encrypted, or sent in a secure manner, and the McAfee Email Gateway appliance gives TCU the necessary tools to enforce secure outbound e-mail.

The McAfee E-mail Gateway appliance provides total e-mail protection, delivering integrated inbound protection from e-mail-borne threats, outbound protection from data leakage and administrative empowerment for email administrators. The McAfee E-mail Gateway appliance, combines local information from the network with TrustedSource global intelligence, to provide the most complete protection against spam, inbound threats and malware.

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