G8 Summit Media Center Protected By Video Analytics

ioimage recently announced that its video analytics solution was implemented at the International Media Center (IMC) near Kyoto to detect intruders, including terrorists.

The IMC, located at Rusutsu Resort, provided various services to media during the 2008 G8 Foreign Ministers' Summit. The G8 Summit is an annual meeting attended by Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Commission.

Japanese security company ALSOK was selected to find a reliable and cost efficient solution to monitor a dark, heavily forested terrain surrounding the facility. The system that was installed was composed of thermal imaging cameras and ioimage intelligent video devices, eliminating the need to fit the perimeter with expensive lights.

“A precondition for the IMC’s security system was to limit the number of guards that would be needed to monitor many cameras,” said Yoshinori Nakaya, deputy manager of ALSOK. “This was due to a rational fear that the human eye could overlook suspicious objects and also the difficulty for security guards to maintain constant vigilance under challenging conditions where tight, 24 hour security was crucial. For these reasons, ALSOK strongly recommended that ioimage products be installed.”

“ioimage is proud to have been selected to help protect the G8 Summit’s Media Center,” said Maoz Tenenbaum, senior sales director, Asia Pacific for ioimage. “Our video analytics solution is being increasingly adopted by high-security installations to monitor vulnerable perimeters and proactively identify security breaches before they cause serious damage.”

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