IndigoVision IP Video Powers Security Solution For UK Utility Company

IndigoVision’s complete IP video system is at the heart of an innovative multi-site integrated security solution for ScottishPower, one of the UK’s largest utility companies.

The system integrates CCTV, intruder alarms, intercoms and control of gates, barriers and doors through IndigoVision’s ‘Control Center’ IP video and alarm management software. The system was installed by IndigoVision’s approved partner Pointer Limited across four existing sites and in a new central control room at Cathcart House, the company’s HQ. All this is achieved across an IP network.

‘Control Center’ workstations can be located at any point on the IP network and can view live and recorded video from any camera, from any site. In addition ‘Control Center’ software is licensed on a per seat basis free of charge, which allows workstations to be installed for no more than the cost of an entry-level PC. ScottishPower have benefited from this by installing several workstations in the central control room as well as one at each remote site.

The intruder security systems use Honeywell Galaxy panels which are fully integrated with ‘Control Center’ over the IP network. This tight integration allows improved operator efficiency and incident response. Control room personnel at Cathcart House and locally at each site can talk to site personnel using IP intercoms, which are again fully integrated into ‘Control Center’. IndigoVision has developed a wide range of interface modules that allow seamless integration with many other security systems including a majority of the world’s leading access control systems.

The original CCTV systems were standalone and could not be viewed remotely from other sites. ScottishPower now has a truly flexible and scalable solution that can be easily expanded in the future. The existing cameras have been re-used by connecting them to IndigoVision’s latest 9000 transmitter/receiver modules. Using H.264 compression, the 9000s convert the analog camera feeds into digital video for transmission over the network. By using H.264 compression a saving of up to 50 percent on bandwidth and storage requirement can be achieved compared to MPEG-4 based systems.

IndigoVision’s NVRs record video from each camera. An NVR is installed at each remote site, where they record continuously. A further NVR is located in the central control room which only records on alarm. The distributed nature of IndigoVision’s IP CCTV system means that NVRs can be located at any point on the network, helping to manage bandwidth and to create a more resilient recording architecture.

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