Tips: Crime Proof Your Office

Universal Protection Service offers tips to crime proof your office.
  • Allow limited access to the space; use only one entry while allowing for the appropriate number of emergency exits. Do not leave hallway doors unlocked.
  • Keep your office doors locked and control who comes in, especially if you are alone.
  • Keep reception area monitored during all working hours, particularly during office hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and just before and after closing. It is important to make sure that the reception area is covered during lunch hours as this is a notorious time for office thefts.
  • Request company identification of all persons entering the office to perform servicing or repairs. Before allowing entry make certain that service was requested.
  • Prohibit access by people who do not have the name of the specific employee on whom they are calling.
  • Do not allow removal of equipment by anyone without first obtaining proper authorization by your company supervisor.
  • Do not allow messenger services into office areas or pass the reception desk. Do not keep items to be sent by messenger out in the open.
  • Never hang valuable coats in easily accessible closets in waiting rooms or uncontrolled locations.
  • Train all employees to keep wallets, purses and other valuables locked in a drawer. Thieves know to look under desks, in jackets hanging behind your door, and in other obvious spots.
  • Lock up laptops and notebook computers.
  • Never invite solicitors into your office. They may be simply doing some “window shopping” and memorizing the layout of your office.
  • Restrooms should be locked. Tenants already in the restrooms should not give access to any one they do not know. The receptionist should never give out keys to the restroom unless the person is a legitimate visitor.
  • Always notify security when you work late. This will assist in notification if a building emergency occurs and will alert the security officer to keep watch over you. Call security when you are ready to leave the office so th officer will expect you in the lobby.
  • Notify security of any suspicious people in the hallways, common areas, or your office space.
  • Consider installing visible cameras in lobby, hallways and exits.
  • Never enter a door that has been pried open. If a door seems forced open after hours, do not enter the space alone. Go back to the lobby security station and advise the security officer who will call police and other security personnel.
  • Remember, confront a stranger with a simple “May I Help you?” has stopped more theft than we will ever know.
  • An employee should always escort visitors entering and exiting the office suite.

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