Bank Of Hawaii Pilots 3VR Security’s Facial Surveillance, Intelligent Video Technologies

As new technologies and a struggling economy continue to fuel increased crime rates, a new relationship with San Francisco-based 3VR Security Inc. will provide customers of Diebold with expanded solutions for deterring crime.

The strategic relationship between Diebold Security and 3VR Security delivers intelligent video management solutions to help reduce fraud for organizations in the financial, retail and government markets around the world. 3VR’s searchable surveillance platform includes robust multi-analytic capabilities, rich data and systems integration potential and all the features customers expect in a premium DVR. The addition of these solutions to Diebold’s portfolio will provide even more options for customers working to investigate and thwart check fraud, identity fraud, new account fraud, transaction fraud and return fraud in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Through the relationship, Diebold will sell, install and service 3VR products.

“In today’s business environment, fraud protection is critical,” said Bradley J. Stephenson, vice president of the physical security group at Diebold Security. “Accessibility to these tools will enable our customers to more effectively identify fraud suspects and more efficiently conduct fraud investigations while reducing their physical, operational and investigation costs. And the forward-thinking technology used to deliver these solutions will help ensure they add value to our customers’ security programs now, and in the future.”

3VR’s technology includes the only solution available on the market today to combine multi-analytic capabilities, facial surveillance capabilities, license plate recognition and advanced motion analytics, together with a comprehensive application integration platform to critical systems.

3VR’s facial surveillance technology enables users to capture, index and catalog faces; search for and track suspects using face similarity searching; build, manage and share watch lists of faces; and intelligently store optimized face images. The solution is flexible and scalable, providing users with expansion options as their businesses grow, without requiring investment in a new system.

The process leading up to the introduction of 3VR technologies as part of the Diebold Security portfolio included rigorous product testing. Diebold validated product functionality through a variety of lab tests. The company also tested the performance of the solutions through a pilot deployment at Bank of Hawaii.

"We wanted an experienced security partner to help us proactively fight fraud and protect our customers’ assets," said Brian Ishikawa, vice president and director of corporate security at Bank of Hawaii. "We chose Diebold for its comprehensive security solutions and ability to integrate the latest digital technology into our branch network. Combining Diebold's security and service expertise with 3VR's facial surveillance and intelligent video technologies has allowed us to efficiently and effectively streamline our investigation process while increasing the accuracy, productivity and success rate of investigations."

In addition to its security applications, 3VR technology can also be leveraged to meet further operational business objectives, such as people counting, consumer behavior analysis and liability protection.

“The utility these comprehensive solutions provide is limited only by our customers’ imagination,” said Gary Kallman, senior vice president of worldwide operations at 3VR. “With Diebold’s legendary service and 3VR’s top-market technology, we can help banks, retailers, public agencies and other vital businesses bring fraud to its knees. And, in the process, we can increase ROI by adding value to other parts of the organization.”

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