Intransa Video Retention Certification Expands To Include 150 Participants

Intransa recently announced that its StorAlliance Technology Certification program has continued to expand with additional physical security vendors now participating. Many members of the StorAlliance are joining Intransa in demoing risk-free, integrated solutions in their respective booths at ISC West.

The popular and fast growing technology alliance eliminates compatibility guess-work for security practitioners, dealers, integrators and consultants by providing them with complete, risk-free IP-based solutions, including video retention and management, with proven, tested security applications from leading and up-and-coming vendors.

StorAlliance members have experienced the cost savings, reliability and enhancements that Intransa video surveillance-optimized solutions bring for existing surveillance systems with one or more DVRs or for new, all-IP solutions. Most StorAlliance members have already deployed at least one, and often many, solutions integrated with Intransa.

Intransa’s StorAlliance Technology Certification program includes participation from vendors of IP and megapixel cameras, video management systems, physical security information managers, access control, life safety, network intercom, and other security applications. Organizations that complete the program are certified compatible for risk-free integration, and are able to deliver complete IP solutions that leverage Intransa’s Smart CCTV upgrades for existing surveillance systems and all-IP solutions for NVRs, VMS and PSIM systems for new security deployments.

“StorAlliance Certification makes it easier than ever before for physical security practitioners to install security solutions from multiple vendors that have already been tested for compatibility,” said Manqing Liu, senior director of interoperability and performance science at Intransa StorAlliance Labs. “This not only saves a customer and integrator time, but it also saves them money and eliminates potential after-installation headaches. Intransa and our StorAlliance partners are committed to making integration and installation easier and risk-free, and in today’s environment that makes a big difference.”

More than 150 physical security, imaging and technology products have been certified through the Intransa StorAlliance Labs. Products covered include DVRs, NVRs, Open NVRs, VMS, PSIM, IP and megapixel cameras, infrastructure providers, video analytics and physical security utilities, access control, authentication, biometrics, life safety, imaging, networking, platform and other technology solutions. IP-enabled devices and products certified also include IT solutions, network intercom, paging, entertainment, A/V systems, POS and EAS solutions, plus other non-security devices.

An offshoot of the Intransa StorAlliance program, the Intransa Shareable Security Platform (ISSP), is exclusively for security OEMs and enables physical security manufacturers to closely integrate their software with Intransa video data management and retention solutions. First deployed in 2007, and formalized as a program in early 2008, participating OEM manufacturers are able to leverage the power of Intransa retention platforms for a wide variety of applications without need for an external server platform.

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