Stanley CSS to Mainstream Sonitrol Audio Verification

With the acquisition of Sonitrol Corporation complete, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. has plans to collaborate with its Sonitrol franchise partners in mainstreaming Sonitrol Audio Verification. Sonitrol Audio Verification technology provides volumetric wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, complete audio verification protection and provides high apprehension rates and low false alarm rates.

"Sonitrol Audio Verification has become a significant advantage for our customers," states Tony Byerly, Chief Operating Officer of Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. "Mainstreaming Sonitrol Audio Verification will advance the industry's position with law enforcement and end-users as they benefit from lower false alarm rates and increased apprehensions."

Sonitrol systems use audio impact technology, meaning that once sound of an intrusion is detected, the audio clip is immediately sent to the central station where audio monitoring specialists can review the recording and listen live to the local premise. This technology in conjunction with trained specialists is a leading factor in the high apprehension rates and low false alarm rates. Law enforcement gets the additional benefit of having live updates from the operator on what they hear and what is happening as the break-in occurs. For example, Sonitrol technology allows the operators to hear not only the shattering glass of a window breaking and the doors being broken open, but also more detailed audio, such as the voices of intruders and even, at times, the names of the intruders, which greatly facilitates their capture.

Sonitrol Audio Verification is in demand for customers who want comprehensive protection for all types of threats, fast police response and a high apprehension rate. By partnering with its Sonitrol franchise network, Stanley CSS now provides coast to coast infrastructure for delivering Sonitrol Audio Verification to the entire North American market. With this expanded service area, Stanley CSS's objective is to make Sonitrol Audio Verification available and affordable to a greater number of customers who would benefit from this advanced security protection.

"Stanley CSS along with our Sonitrol franchise network are uniquely positioned to be the exclusive providers of Sonitrol Audio Verification technology and systems. As a comprehensive security solution provider, Sonitrol fills out our portfolio so we can provide the 'Best Fit' solutions for customers," says Byerly.

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