Trend Micro Broadens Endpoint Security Platform

Trend Micro is augmenting its Endpoint Security Platform offerings with a Power Management Module that enables enterprises to shut down computers to conserve energy or turn on computers to apply patches and updates. It helps organizations achieve more effective protection through timely patches and updates as well as true energy cost savings—all without sacrificing an end user's need to access their computers either remotely or after hours.

The Trend Micro Power Management Module is one out of a series of modules offered through Trend Micro's relationship with BigFix. In mid-April, Trend Micro introduced Trend Micro™ Endpoint Security Platform—a combination of Trend Micro endpoint security and BigFix endpoint management—with four modules that allow organizations to customize the solution to their security and systems management needs. The newest module to be offered by Trend Micro extends the value of the Endpoint Security Platform, providing a power management solution in which IT teams can enforce conservation policies infrastructure-wide, while also enabling crucial security patches and updates to be installed on schedule. This module resolves the conflict between the need to power down machines to save on energy costs and the need to keep them on so IT can apply patches and updates.

"We are pleased to extend our agreement with BigFix that was announced earlier this year. By partnering with BigFix, we have brought together security and systems management on one platform that offers companies a level of visibility and control that was not previously offered," said Tom Miller, general manager of the enterprise business unit at Trend Micro. "Now, with the Trend Micro Power Management Module, we can help enterprises cut down energy costs and be environmentally responsible while also increasing the effectiveness of their endpoint security. It's a win for customers all the way around—go green, save costs, and be secure."

"Power management has been a serious challenge for many organizations. BigFix Power Management allows IT organizations to enforce conservation policies infrastructure-wide, while also providing granularity that enables application of policies to just a single computer when needed," said Amrit Williams CTO of BigFix. "We are delighted to be working with Trend Micro again to further unify endpoint security and systems management into a single solution that cuts costs and lowers security risks."

The Power Management Module is designed to integrate with the Trend Micro Endpoint Security Platform. The modular architecture of the platform allows enterprises to choose either a highly scalable, dedicated security solution, or an endpoint security solution combined with systems management, saving time, effort, and cost through system consolidation. The Trend Micro Power Management Module is an important addition to this modular architecture, complementing the other modules by ensuring that computers are turned on and ready to receive scheduled security updates and patches—increasing the effectiveness of the protection delivered by the other modules.

Unlike traditional security management systems, the Trend Micro Endpoint Security Platform provides a high-performance framework based on a single-server, single-agent, single-console technology that supports up to 250,000 users on just one management server. This highly scalable platform simplifies protection for large organizations, distributed environments, and even remote workers, regardless of connectivity. Enterprises get significant advantages in speed, flexibility, and scalability, while reducing the infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with traditional systems and security management.

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