System Sensor Develops Carbon Monoxide Detector Guide

System Sensor has announced the publication of Applications Guide: System-Connected Carbon Monoxide Detectors. The purpose of this guide is to provide information on the proper application of system-connected carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in ordinary indoor locations. It outlines basic principles and standards that should be considered in the application of early warning CO detection devices in relation to the characteristics and effects of CO gas.

From the Preface: The use of early warning carbon monoxide (CO) detectors can result in a significant reduction of CO-related poisonings and death. Furthermore, system-connected, monitored CO detection provides an extra level of protection for building residents or occupants who cannot appropriately respond to a local CO detection alarm...This document provides guidance for the proper operation of system-connected CO detectors. "Like other System Sensor Application Guides, this guide features technology overviews and installation guidelines. However, it also offers an education on CO, competitive technology information, and a look into the future of CO detection code," said Jack Ogden, System Sensor product manager. "People in the field will find this a useful guide to the young and growing CO-detection market."

To get a free copy of the guide, contact System Sensor at 800-736-7672 or download a PDF version from the System Sensor CO online resource page at

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