Hold The Door, Please

I’ve always wondered how package deliveries were kept safe and secure. At my home, when a package is delivered during the day, it’s left on the front step. No safety, no security.

Problem solved. American Security Systems has introduced a technology in the New Jersey market that remotely allows residents of buildings without a doorman to receive and securely store packages when they are not at home.

Video Doorman was introduced in the New York market a year ago and has been installed in several residential buildings. The best part is that it seems to work. American Security Systems has named SRA Security Systems as its dealer for this innovative service.

The product is easy to install, use and operate. All deliveries are digitally recorded and it provides ironclad documentation of the events. When making a delivery, and if the person is not at home, a live operator, using cameras and two-way voice interface greets the delivery person and verifies the intended receipt is a resident. The operator gives the delivery person access where the parcel is placed in a secure room, remotely unlocked by the operator. The system also can be used to escort residents from the building entry to their floor. That’s a nice added benefit.

This is an impressive technology that provides for safety and security beyond the front step of the home. Too bad it’s not ready for my neighborhood.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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