Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza Selects 3VR Searchable Surveillance Platform

3VR Security Inc. recently announced that Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, a restaurant group with locations throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, has chosen 3VR’s searchable surveillance solution to bolster its retail security, guest and employee safety, customer service and loss prevention capabilities. The 3VR SmartRecorder surveillance platform includes features specifically designed for the needs of retailers, including new solutions aiding in loss prevention and addressing organized retail theft.

Additionally, 3VR integrates with Hospitality Solutions International’s (HSI) point-of-sale (POS) security solution, which is currently in use in all Sammy’s locations and allows restaurant personnel to capture a video snapshot of every meal ticket that passes through the system. Restaurant personnel use the 3VR system to monitor kitchen line activity, ensuring food safety and sanitization and tracking individual tickets associated with complaints. The integration also offers business analytics options that allow companies to report and search on exceptions such as manager “comps” and other anomalies.

“3VR gives us the ability to greatly expand our customer service capabilities through the monitoring of staff metrics, while simultaneously improving the safety of our guests, our employees and our food,” said Patty Hernandez, corporate controller at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza. “3VR rapidly integrated with our HSI/POS system, and the system’s sophisticated features and capabilities are currently in use by restaurant personnel from chefs to managers and executives. 3VR has not only vastly improved our customer service, allowing us to quickly review complaints and make necessary adjustments, but has also given us a unique window into business dynamics by facilitating advanced tracking of all restaurant activity.”

3VR offers a full range of product options for retailers, from the E-Series SmartRecorder, a hybrid DVR/NVR, to the S-Series SmartRecorder, a newly released compact, economical and low-bandwidth video system also built on 3VR’s unique searchable surveillance platform. All 3VR SmartRecorders feature video analytic, biometric, data integration and search capabilities, in addition to advanced motion and facial surveillance aiding in the prevention of return desk and organized theft fraud. The solution furthermore features best-in-class central management options ideal for cost conservative organizations.

“The 3VR searchable surveillance platform directly addresses the growing need for sophisticated video management in restaurants and retail, allowing companies to seamlessly integrate searchable surveillance into their current security system,” said Al Shipp, CEO at 3VR. “Over the next several months, we plan to extend our offering to include features such as people counting, while continuing to work closely with retailers to expand and develop a solution specifically designed for their business needs.”

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