Texas Credit Union Implements Biometric Access Control System

Greater TEXAS Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Austin, Texas, recently implemented US Biometrics’ AccessQ system for controlling physical access to entrances with fingerprint biometrics.

“AccessQ has allowed us to greatly enhance security in our IT server room but also makes it much more convenient for our employees,” said Jimmy Taylor, GTFCU Systems Administrator. “We have begun our biometrics program by controlling physical security but are exploring the addition of logical security due to the expandability of the system.”

Some of the products implemented for the credit union included AccessQ biometric devices, CentralQ software and CentralQ Reporting.

“We’re very pleased that Greater TEXAS Federal Credit Union has decided to take a proactive approach regarding their physical security needs,” said David Delgrosso, president of US Biometrics. “Using biometrics for access control will have a very quick return on investment for GTFCU and will allow cost effective expansion of IT security. Managing one system instead of several has its advantages. As identity theft continues to increase in the financial industry, preventing fraud instead of reacting to it saves an organization a tremendous amount of money.”

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