Silent Knight Fire Alarms Earn ESX Maximum Impact Award

Silent Knight by Honeywell was honored with an ESX Maximum Impact Award for its new IFP-2000 addressable fire alarm systems. A panel of integrators and central monitoring station experts judged the IFP-2000 series as the best fire alarm control panels to satisfy end-user needs while increasing revenue potential and valuation for dealer companies.

A variety of six control panels comprise this series, from a simple two-loop system to integrated voice and high-voltage panel offerings. The scalable design of Silent Knight's IFP-2000 systems facilitates a customized fit for virtually any size commercial application. As many as eight IFP-2000 systems can be networked for capacity expansions up to 5,088 points. Networked systems can be configured to emulate one large building or multiple building sites.

The IFP-2000's flexibility and ease-of-operation work well for new construction, while innovative retrofit features offer economic benefits. To take advantage of existing fire alarm wiring, IFP-2000 panels utilize most wire-types, including shielded, twisted-pair and fiber optic cable. Detectors from existing conventional applications can also be utilized by the new IFP-2000 systems. All Silent Knight IFP-2000 systems are UL 864 9th Edition Listed and FM Approved.

"The winning products and services of the 2009 Maximum Impact Awards are truly deserving of this recognition. The winners demonstrated their ability to make a difference to the bottom line for integration and monitoring companies," stated George De Marco, ESX chair. "Congratulations to Silent Knight!"

All IFP-2000 systems are available through Silent Knight's nationwide network of Farenhyt engineered systems distributors. For more in-depth information on Farenhyt products and services, visit

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