Bryan, Texas Works With ADT Security Services To Install Public Safety Cameras

The eastern Texas town of Bryan has joined a growing list of U.S. cities installing public safety cameras in downtown public areas to increase security and help protect citizens. Working with ADT Security Services, a preferred security provider for the state of Texas, the city has completed installation of the first phase of a multi-phase camera system to cover its recently revitalized downtown. Additional phases will expand on the current system covering more of the downtown and, eventually, outlying areas of the city.

The cameras will operate 24/7 and be monitored by the Bryan Police Department’s Criminal Intelligence Unit. Digital video images from the camera systems can be used as evidence to assist prosecutors in criminal cases.

The merchants and shop owners supported the idea of a camera system, according to Peter Scheets, Bryan deputy police chief.

“We previewed the system and they voiced their support across the board,” he said. “We are hoping that our system will allow us to expand further by tapping into existing camera systems in stores, businesses and schools when needed.”

The public safety camera system in Bryan uses a wireless mesh technology by that is secure, durable and allows the city to add additional cameras relatively inexpensively compared to wired cameras.

“Bryan is part of a growing trend we are seeing where city and law enforcement recognize the effectiveness of video in deterring, detecting and prosecuting local crimes,” said John Gaydos, vice president, Government Systems Division. “Cities are also finding that these camera systems have uses beyond security and can help stretch their budgets for law enforcement, traffic monitoring and overall municipal management.”

Funding for the Bryan system came from U.S. Department of Homeland Security grants and money collected from property seizures.

“Our goal is to provide citizens with the best safety and security we can by using the most effective tools,” Scheets said. “We chose ADT because the name is synonymous with security and the company is a preferred provider with the state of Texas.”

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