D-Link Extends Strategic Alliances With Major Japanese Firms To Develop Asian Business Enterprise

D-Link, an end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumer and business, today announced it has enhanced its strategic alliances with Sojitz Corporation, a premier integrated trading company in Japan, and Nissho Electronics Corp. (NELCO), a leading company in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) under Sojitz, for co-developing the enterprise and Telco markets in Southeast Asia and China.

According to an earlier agreement signed by D-Link Japan and NELCO, NELCO has become D-Link's Premier Partner in Japan and will play a key role to expand D-Link's business within the region. Today's agreement signed by D-Link headquarters in Taiwan, NELCO and Sojitz is an extension of the previous contract.

The agreement allows D-Link, Sojitz and NELCO to become strategic partners in business and marketing, while also working together to provide a wider range of networking solution offerings to the enterprise and Telco customers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and China.

Sojitz's business activities cover diverse industries and it owns large business assets worldwide with revenue achieving $55 billion in 2008. Through the alliance, NELCO will utilize the various business assets of Sojitz and expand its operation as the ICT Solution and Service Provider in Southeast Asia and China. In return, D-Link will provide Sojitz/NELCO with the networking devices as well as the technical support for each project.

"We are excited to partner with D-Link to accelerate our business growth in Southeast Asia and China together. D-Link has been a strong player in the market and the cooperation with D-Link will help us to enhance our menu of service by adding D-Link's products to our product portfolios. We are confident to offer a more comprehensive and competitive end-to-end solution to our customers worldwide, "said Takao Tsuji, chairman of NELCO.

"The cooperation is a win-win-win strategy for three companies. We are happy to be partnering with D-Link to bring our business to an even greater success and growth," said Shinichi Kawaratani, senior vice president for ICT at Sojitz.

"We are delighted to partner with Sojitz and NELCO to present D-Link to the enterprise and Telco market. This alliance is indeed an important step for D-Link as it merges D-Link's strength in networking devices with Sojitz's impressive customer base and channels in Japan, Southeast Asia and China and NELCO's strong roots, rich experience and business leadership in the system integration market," said Tony Tsao, CEO and president of D-Link Corporation.

"This agreement represents a milestone in D-Link's diversification strategy. We see great business potential opportunities in enterprise and Telco segments, the cooperation with Sojitz and NELCO are expected in bringing in large project deployments and success in the enterprise and Telco segments," Tsao added.

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