Port Of Long Beach Installs Proximex Surveillint

Proximex, developer of products for the physical security information management (PSIM) market, recently announced that the company has signed a contract with the Port of Long Beach, the nation's second busiest seaport. Under the terms of this contract, Port of Long Beach installed Proximex Surveillint in its new Command and Control Center.

The Port of Long Beach Command and Control Center serves as the Port's Security Division headquarters and as a coordination and communications hub for security agencies that protect the harbor complex, including tenants, shippers and customers.

"We had numerous business and technical requirements for this project and Proximex Surveillint was hands-down the best of the 21 solutions we evaluated," said Michael McMullen, lead program manager for the Port of Long Beach. "Surveillint won the technical evaluation and provided the most extensive list of commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) security technology integrations and expertise for our environment. At the same time, Proximex offered the most cost-effective solution for our needs. It's designed to integrate all of our existing technologies today, and it's architected for additional technologies to be added as soon as the Port adopts them. Surveillint's ease-of-use and ability to support multiple disparate systems allows us to design best practices for our operators and use the best security subsystems to protect the public."

In the maritime domain awareness room of the Command and Control Center, Surveillint currently integrates access control, video management, radar, CAD and mass notification systems with plans to integrate as many as 14 disparate systems. This provides the security team with views of port facilities to include tenant warehouses and docks. Data from the new radar system is connected to Surveillint, which means incidents are viewed earlier and from further distances. Surveillint also provides operators and analysts with response instruction lists based on security best practices the port developed in order to provide the absolute best security without impeding commerce.

"Organizations, like the port, have many added challenges as they're responsible for protecting billions of dollars of international assets and foreign clientele, yet they must justify their expenditures back to the public," said Jack Smith, CEO for Proximex. "Because our sales, engineering and implementation teams have strong backgrounds in enterprise software solutions, we understand their need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that integrate well with existing and new technologies. Surveillint is designed for long-term investment and flexibility. For example, the port can add new required technologies, adapt to changes in security policies with Surveillint's flexible business logic capability and increase operator/analyst productivity by leveraging information gathered from Surveillint trend reports. This allows organizations to choose the best solutions for their security environments while keeping costs under control."

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