Suspect Detection Systems To Install Computerized Interrogation System At National Border Crossing

Suspect Detection Systems Inc., a developer of counter-terror and crime prevention technology, announced recently that a 7-digit contract has been signed with a federal agency in a major country to deploy the Cogito rapid interrogation system along a major national border.

Cogito will be used to interrogate potential suspects seeking entry into the country at a specific point of entry. Few Cogito units will be installed at the border crossing, along with the full installation of the Cogito Central Database and Management System (CDMS) which stores all data collected by each of the units.

The system is currently being customized to interrogate potential suspects in few languages. The CDMS control and manage all the Cogito units in real time and can analyze the biometric information and test result collected in the database.

“Our system was designed specifically to aid in the apprehension of terrorists and criminals at border crossings,” said Shabtai Shoval, CEO of Suspect Detection Systems Ltd. “We have worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive system that can accurately identify suspects at any time of day or night, without the aid of experienced interrogators. We are confident that Cogito will contribute to a safer, less porous border.”

Cogito is an automated interrogation system that is used to accurately detect the hostile intent of suspected criminals and terrorists in just five to seven minutes. The system was designed under the concept that the most dangerous weapon a suspect will carry is his or her intent to commit a destructive act

Cogito can easily be deployed to detect terrorists, smugglers and criminals at checkpoints, border crossings, crime scenes, war zones or in private enterprises.

“Cogito is a powerful tool that can be utilized by any organization with advanced security and crime prevention operations from private enterprises to federal agencies,” Shoval said. “The positive feedback we have received from Cogito customers demonstrates the impact of the system on the war against crime.”

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