AMAG Technology, SALTO Systems Form Partnership

AMAG Technology and SALTO Systems recently announced the formation of a strategic partnership. AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management System integrates with SALTO’s electronic locks and its virtual network application to provide access control for an entire building or campus.

“This integration will provide Symmetry Authorized Resellers with an affordable option to offer their customers,” said AMAG Technology Vice President of Sales and Marketing Matt Barnette. “Customers will be able to secure a larger number of internal doors because the state-of-the-art solution provides the intelligence and audit tracking AMAG customers have come to expect and now the wire-free option is more affordable.”

SALTO’s electronic locks provide an affordable locking option for internal doors when integrated with Symmetry. The locks operate in a wire-free environment so no hard wiring or wireless infrastructure is necessary. Installation is fast, self contained and costs a fraction of the price of a normal secured door.

A person’s access information is loaded onto an access card. When the card is swiped at a Symmetry reader, the information is communicated in real time to the Symmetry Security Management System. When the access card is used at a SALTO lock, it collects information such as “lock battery low” or “Jane Smith entered room 101 at 8:02 a.m.” The information is stored on the card until it is swiped again at a Symmetry reader and is then communicated to the Symmetry access control software where updates are instantaneously made.

“The AMAG/SALTO solution is the beginning of a trend in the US that has been popular in Europe for the past decade,” said SALTO Systems Vice President of Sales Manuel Albert. “The solution is so versatile and inexpensive that anyone who learns this is available will want it. The change in technology has blurred the line that separated access control from locks, opening a whole new opportunity to existing AMAG users.”

This solution is gaining in popularity in the education market, however growth is expected in the military and government sector, healthcare and in general commercial buildings.

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