It's Always Sunny At ASIS

Day 1 at ASIS was terrific. I’m exhausted from walking up and down the massive show floor, but the exhibitors made it all worth it.

Today’s highlights included meeting with Ed Troha, managing director of global marketing for ObjectVideo, who informed me that DIGIOP Technologies, in collaboration from ObjectVideo, has completed a nationwide deployment of its video management systems for 220 Limited Stores LLC. The project consisted of the installation of DIGIOP's DVRs with intelligent analytics capabilities from ObjectVideo and cameras. The Limited desired a more accurate customer-counting system, and with DIGIOP's DVRs, which include industry-leading video analytics capabilities from ObjectVideo, store managers and executives of The Limited can more accurately track the number of customers.

I also met with Charles Foley, president and CRC of TimeSight. He introduced me to his platform that delivers image clarity and retention times required to support improved security and compliance at up to 90 percent, but at less cost than existing technologies and approaches. This is achieved by the ability to reduce image size over time according to business rules and events, with H.264 encoding and compression. In lay terms, video files shrink as they become older and less relevant.

Russell Bandy, president of GBO Security, demonstrated the InfinityLens™ to me. ASIS was the first public North American demonstration of these lenses. He showed me the difference between their lenses as compared to other high-quality traditional lenses and the difference was quite impressive. The InfinityLens provided a more substantial depth of focus, which allows the foreground, mid-range and background of an image to be all in focus.

When I met with Johnson Control, Denise Gadowski, marketing communications representative, and Sarah McGath, account supervisor for Johnson Controls informed me that the global security market’s estimated worth was $121 billion and were proud to announce that since 2008, the company has seen a 3 percent market share growth and the expansion of their worldwide customer base to 50,000. This is credited to the company’s strategic planning, which involved a three-pronged approach: offering integrated security technologies and solutions, targeted global outreach and focus on customers.

All in all, it was a fascinating start to ASIS, and I look forward to Day 2, especially since we will be announcing the winners of our New Product of the Year Awards. So, stay tuned for more news straight from the ASIS show floor.

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