Denver International Airport Selects Genetec IP Video Surveillance Solution

Genetec announced recently that Denver International Airport in Colorado has selected Omnicast, Genetec’s IP video surveillance solution, to secure their 53 square-mile facility. Ranked the 10th busiest airport in the world in 2008 for passenger traffic by Airport Council International, DIA officials were looking to upgrade an outdated analog system to a newer and more advanced network-based solution that they could evolve as newer technology emerged.

The entire system to date consists of 1,200 cameras and 12 archive servers that are expected to double in the next 18 months. Besides the airport protection and surveillance applications such as monitoring the facility, security checkpoints and passenger congestion throughout, they also intend to service external clients with the use of Omnicast. Currently, the Transportation Security Administration, airlines, airport operations, airport parking, Denver police department and Denver airport security, amongst others, all use video surveillance for a range of purposes.

“To date, all our clients have been using their own systems from different organizations,” said Phil Medina, senior IT administrator for airport security at DIA. “Eventually, we will connect all cameras to the Omnicast system and offer it as a service to everyone.”

Some other features include the user-friendly interface, which would allow DIA to save time in training customers with all levels of experience, the multiple options to manage and store the video, as well as the watermarking options, which further protect their data.

Since DIA is also storing a lot of video recordings, they are able to reduce the amount of storage required using tools in Omnicast that efficiently optimize their bandwidth, such as multicasting and multistreaming. The system’s open architecture contributed to additional flexibility, allowing them to preserve some initial investments including a storage area network, existing cameras and an access control system that will soon be fully integrated with Omnicast.

Apart from continually growing the system, there are still larger plans ahead for DIA and their new Omnicast solution, including integrations with video analytics and situational management software, as well as the introduction of a strengthened perimeter security program.

“DIA has really taken advantage of Omnicast’s unique capabilities by turning a typical large-scale airport application into one of the most cutting-edge deployments in the transportation industry,” says Danny Peleg, director of transportation market for Genetec. “We are glad to have been able to contribute to their pro-active security enhancements, as their efforts will certainly not go unnoticed.”

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