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Schneider Electric recently announced that it has completed the strategic transformation to the Buildings Business of TAC while opening the Security Center for Excellence located in Dallas.

I took the tour last week, and what I found is a single source for best-in-class integrated security solutions dedicated to customers with complex, large-scale projects found in multiple locations. The Security Center for Excellence is expected to lend support to national and international companies, as well as governmental agencies. Others that will benefit from this resource are transportation, utilities, oil and gas companies along with other large-scale industries.

“Schneider Electric’s security solutions are flexible,” said Lonnie Laue with TAC. “The solutions also feature easy-to-use interfaces and are designed to leverage IP integration, reducing overall costs.”

The solutions are based on proven technologies, coupled with experience, knowledge and a professional staff. The concept isn’t new, but well worth reinforcing that single-platform solutions for video security, access control, intrusion detection and photo badging all work together as part of the greater system that include alarms, fire and smoke control and emergency notification components.

The impressive part of the CSC is that live demonstrations are the focus points for where can discuss concerns and needs with security professionals. Better yet, if a customer is pressed for time, the company offers virtual demonstrations at the customers’ site through an online connection.

Couple security with complete building management, and both capital/operating expenses can be reduced by providing complete network design along with project management. Entire building management means customers have a single point of contact.

Here’s an interesting case in point concerning building management systems. A few years ago, the state of Utah contracted Schneider Electric services as the state was renovating the state capital. The goal was straightforward --  integrate the beauty of the past at the state house with all the benefits of modern technology, but remaining flexible to meet future needs.

The project worked perfectly. Not only was security a viable partner in the project, but the overall building management system includes monitoring of HVAC, lighting and air circulation. Access control played a key role in the 140 interior and exterior doors. State troopers monitor and manage an integrated CCTV system from a separate control center at the capitol.

It’s impressive work -- truly the heart of the center of excellence.


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