High-Definition IP Video Solution Protects Container Port In Jordan

An IndigoVision high-definition IP video solution has been deployed to protect the Aqaba Logistics Village (ALV), which is a tax-free hub located in Aqaba, Jordan, adjacent to the country’s only container port. Both IndigoVision’s HD and standard 4SIF resolution IP cameras have been installed to provide blanket CCTV coverage with the minimum number of cameras -- one of the many advantages of deploying megapixel HD cameras.
Aqaba is an important gateway for Jordan and neighboring Iraq and the addition of a state-of-the-art surveillance system allows ALV to provide a high-security solution for its many international clients. In addition to monitoring the security of the site, ALV now has a video record of the logistics transactions, providing an audit trail in the event of a customer dispute. The system was designed and installed by IndigoVision’s approved local Partner, Megatech.
“We chose IndigoVision for its superior High-Definition image quality and its user-friendly alarm and audio management capabilities”, said Nezar Al-Bkower, ALV’s general manager. “Other key criteria were the ease of integration with third party systems and ability to scale up for our future expansion.”
The distributed architecture of IndigoVision’s system was a key factor in being chosen for the project. It provides ALV with a scalable platform for their expansion plans and allows them to easily monitor the two existing 100,000 square foot warehouses and site perimeter, which form the first phase of the Village. Additional warehouses, office space and a weighbridge are planned for the future.
Another advantage of the high-resolution and high-quality video that is delivered from the HD IP cameras is that operators can digitally zoom in on critical areas during an investigation, while the whole field of view of the camera is still recorded. Unlike a traditional zoom on a PTZ, none of the camera scene is lost. In fact several different zoom views can be setup from the same feed, providing the operator with a powerful monitoring facility all from a single HD camera.
At the heart of IndigoVision’s distributed IP Video solution is ‘Control Center’, the company’s Security Management Software. ‘Control Center’ workstations allow the security team to monitor live and recorded video from any camera. It provides a suite of features that enable operators to quickly analyze video and to interactively manage alarms, both of which help improve incident response. As with any component in the system, ‘Control Center’ workstations can be located any point on the network, in ALV’s case workstations are situated in the main security room and on the desks of the General Manager and IT Manager.

The majority of the IP cameras are POE-compliant and are powered directly from the network, minimizing demands on the site’s power infrastructure and reducing installation costs. IndigoVision’s class-leading H.264 compression technology means that video from both HD and 4SIF IP cameras can be streamed across the network with minimum bandwidth requirement. This allowed ALV to deploy the surveillance system on their existing network, which shares resources with other IT functions.

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