DEPLOT, Milestone Systems Announce Partnership

Milestone Systems, a developer of open platform XProtect IP video management software, has announced the successful integration of iSecure video analytics from Delopt. As an authorized Milestone Solution Partner, DELOPT has integrated their iSecure Video Analytics Suite with Milestone XProtect IP video management software to provide cost effective, high quality video analytical solutions.

Delopt is an established leader in video-based people counting solutions with more than 1,000 installations and more than 3,000 counting channels worldwide.

Delopt already had an established suite of embedded analog-based video analytics. With its recent release of iSecure, an IP-based video analytics suite, along with its integration to the Milestone XProtect suite, Delopt has now paved the way for a more effective and affordable IP video analytical solution.

Milestone’s ability to support the widest selection of camera brands enables iSecure to work on an open platform. iSecure integrates with all the top offerings of Milestone: XProtect Enterprise, XProtect Corporte, and XProtect Central. The analytics manage zones (entry, exit, in, out), camera sabotage detection, persistence, loitering, tripwires, multiple tripwires, counting and a multiple PTZ camera-based tracking suite.

The integration also includes iSecure-PCS (People Counting Solution) a “retail intelligence suite” for footfall traffic analysis. With one of the highest accuracies (95-98 percent) for video based systems, this software solution has Live Door/Isle Counts, Zone Counts, hour, day, month, and year-based reporting. Remote web-based support can be provided on the iSecure server along with automatic email features.

“Video analytics is normally associated with high costs and complex installation configurations,” said Dr. M.R Sheshadri, CEO of DELOPT. “This has subliminally and consciously hindered customers in opting for a Video Analytics solution. The Milestone-DELOPT integration solves the quest for a reliable, high quality and affordable integrated Video Analytics solution.”

“The iSecure suite of analytics is one of the most comprehensive we have seen -- especially with their People Counting and retail offerings, which make DELOPT an exciting Milestone Solution Partner for customers to gain more value-adding integrations with the XProtect IP video open platform,” said Martin Kaufmann, MSP program manager at Milestone Systems.

DELOPT received dedicated support in using the Milestone SDK and the integration work went smoothly to provide a total end-to-end solution. The integration process made use of the following Milestone plug-ins: XProtect Transact, Recording Server, Generic VA Plug in, XProtect Analytics Framework, and the XProtect Smart Client.

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