Avigilon Expands Channel Support Program

Avigilon announced Wednesday a new channel support program elements that include Avigilon University, an online training and certification program, and the Value and Performance Leader Award program.

The expanded channel training and support program will provide consultants and integrators with the tools needed to facilitate the convergence of HD video surveillance to the IP network and effectively design and install Avigilon HD surveillance systems to meet customer needs.

"The industry has struggled with the convergence of video surveillance to the IP network for years because of the infrastructure changes and knowledge transfer required to move from analog-based systems to IP-based surveillance," said Dave Tynan, vice president of global sales and marketing at Avigilon. "Because today's networks are faster and increasingly reliable, more and more security officers are beginning to transition to IP-based HD surveillance for superior image quality. Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon's High Definition Stream Management technology, and Avigilon University provides consultants and integrators with the tools needed to successfully bridge the transition to IP-based HD video surveillance and design systems that offer the best value and performance for greater overall protection and investigative success."

The channel program will include Avigilon University, a certification program that enables Avigilon system integrators and end-user customers to access online training modules that help facilitate the successful planning, installation, and management of the Avigilon surveillance system. Avigilon University also enables customers to train new staff and system integrators to facilitate knowledge transfer and system hand-off to customers once installation is complete.

The Avigilon University curriculum covers four key areas: the network video management software (NVMS); the Avigilon value proposition; design and field engineering requirements; and advanced field engineer training, including License Plate Recognition, access control, and Point-of-Sale integration. Avigilon University will provide regular updates on Avigilon developments to help facilitate the design, implementation, and maintenance of customized surveillance systems to improve the end-user customer experience.

Launched this year, the Value and Performance Leader Award program recognizes the efforts of certified Avigilon system integrators around the world who have successfully communicated the Avigilon value proposition to end-users and secured high-profile accounts; demonstrated superior technical skills using the 'pixels on target' and 'fit for purpose' concepts pioneered by Avigilon in the design of Avigilon HD surveillance systems; and have received positive feedback from customers for superior service, support, and product satisfaction.

Avigilon has also developed online tools for consultants and integrators to assess and calculate megapixel values and define application dimensions, compression technologies, and camera technologies. The online tools allow consultants and integrators to determine hybrid system requirements and bandwidth, storage, and processing needs to help in the design and deployment of customized HD surveillance systems.

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