HID Introduces Trusted Identity Platform, Talks Privacy

During a lunch Wednesday at ISC West, HID introduced its new Trusted Identity Platform, a secure identity system where all points are trusted.

First deployed within the company’s internal production facilities, HID president Denis Hebert said the company is planning to use the platform in future secure identity products and solutions.

The TIP framework is driven by a secure central vault that serves endpoints -- like readers, printers and credentials -- on a secure Internet connection. Security of the network is provided by symmetric-key cryptography so all endpoints are trusted. The approach also extends trust to other third-party platforms.

“The credential is no longer about just a card,” Hebert said. “It needs to be completely independent. The key element is that the credential can reside anywhere.”

At the heart of the TIP framework is a central secure vault that serves known endpoints, such as credentials, readers and printers, on a secure internet connection, within a published security policy. Data security, privacy and reliability is ensured using symmetric-key cryptography, so that all endpoints can execute trustworthy transactions. This approach delivers security beyond the hardware level, extending trust boundaries to other third party platforms supporting TIP protocols.

“With the framework, endpoints are trusted so that transactions between can be trusted,” Hebert said.

The company officials also announced HID Global has achieved second level certification through the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

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