Sarnoff Launches Mobile Surveillance System

Sarnoff Corp. launched Wednesday TerraScout, a high performance, lower cost mobile persistent surveillance system for commercial and/or military use. TerraScout is remotely operated from within mobile command vehicles and allows users to view stabilized high-resolution video (12 pixels per person at 500 meters) in the visible, infrared or fused band. The ruggedized system is designed to meet harsh military environmental conditions. It can be used in day or night at speeds of up to 20 mph with the mast elevated or secured. TerraScout includes.

  • High powered cameras that provide hyper-hemispherical coverage with 360 degree rotation and tilting of up to 40 degrees.
  • A telescoping mast provides for 30 feet of clearance off the ground when mounted to a typical vehicle to see over rooftops or trees. Safety features include emergency retractability and power line proximity alerts.
  • An advanced power and diagnostics control box provides the crew with a convenient interface.
  • A programmable joystick controller allows the user to preprogram surveillance routines, and capture a 360-degree video panoramic.

“TerraScout is in the sweet spot of high performance and affordability for mobile surveillance solutions,” said Mark Clifton, Sarnoff’s acting president and CEO. “It has the highest resolution for stabilized live video available for any mobile surveillance system operating at its distance. Plus, because it’s much more affordable than traditional mobile security and crowd control solutions, police and security at sporting events, universities, power plants, sensitive installations, and other users that may have been priced out in the past can now take advantage of this incredible technology.”

TerraScout is easily upgradable to a multifunction configuration allowing for additional cameras to include all-weather operation, sensors, and other image processing capabilities such as multi-band fusion, MTI tracking, and contrast enhancement. With this configuration users can create mosaic images that seamlessly stitch together multiple views of the surrounding area for increased situational understanding. TerraScout multifunction configurations make it easier to detect contraband material such as guns, drugs, or explosives in a large crowd from up to 100 meters away. The system can also be sold prepackaged with a small UAV and supporting displays for even greater surveillance capability.

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