California Manufacturer Deploys ioimage Video Analytics, Remote Monitoring Service

DVTel Inc. announced recently that Acker-Stone Industries, a Corona, Calif., manufacturer of interlocking pavers sold throughout the United States, has begun monitoring its corporate office and manufacturing facility using DVTel’s intelligent video analytics from ioimage to detect security breaches and quickly identify safety issues for employees.

The intelligent video solution is remotely viewed by Virtual Guard Inc., a remote video monitoring company in Chatsworth, Calif. By pairing intelligent video with the company’s remote monitoring capabilities, Virtual Guard is able to prevent theft, identify security breaches and provide enhanced security and for employees of Acker-Stone Industries.

From its manufacturing facility and U.S. headquarters in California, Acker-Stone makes standard and permeable-concrete pavers for patios, walkways and other architectural landscape features. Its products are then shipped to distributors and installers throughout the United States.

“By deploying video analytics, Acker-Stone Industries has significantly improved security operations company-wide,” said Isaac Schwarzman, president of Acker-Stone Industries. “We’ve paired video analytics with remote video monitoring from Virtual Guard which enabled us to replace security guards with a solution that never sleeps, is ever vigilant and always alert.”

In addition to outside threats, one of the company’s biggest operational concerns, said Schwarzman, is monitoring employees for safety violations and to protect the company against fraudulent accident and worker compensation claims.

Virtual Guard is monitoring the video analytics sensors for Acker-Stone Industries from its new monitoring center, a new facility that allowed Virtual Guard to triple the company’s operations and monitoring capacity. To monitor video analytics, Virtual Guard developed its own software, trained their operators in remote video alarm procedures and built the infrastructure to support streams of video alerts from thousands of channels and hundreds of sites. The company began marketing its services to customers nationwide in early 2009.

“The main reason for deploying a remote video monitoring solution using analytics or smart sensors is saving money and realizing a fast return on investment,” said Steve Devir, COO at Virtual Guard. “Also, the actionable intelligence provided is more reliable than what traditional sensors used in outdoor environments have been able to deliver. Additionally, if there is a guard, they can only see one area at a time. We can watch all four sides of the premises simultaneously or only upon a predefined alarm event so it’s more efficient than increasing the manpower on site.”

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