Arecont Vision, 3VR Announce Partnership

3VR Security Inc. and Arecont Vision recently announced that the entirety of Arecont Vision's line of IP megapixel cameras are 3VR SmartCam Certified, making Arecont Vision the first camera manufacturer to be certified across 3VRs complete product line.

Likewise, 3VR has completed participatory testing in the Arecont Vision MegaLab, a dedicated testing environment with more than 80 cameras, including every model Arecont Vision offers. With the assistance of Arecont Vision engineers, 3VR completed three certifications over a two-day period: camera integration, feature integration and load testing.

“Customers are increasingly demanding higher performing solutions and a greater return on investment,” said Scott Schafer, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Arecont Vision. “Partnering with 3VR allows us to provide a superior solution that offers more value for customers and one that is easier for integrators to configure and support."

The3VR SmartCam Program highlights capabilities that make cameras function more effectively with the 3VR platform, delivering improved performance for analytics and storage, as well as reducing the support and configuration burden for both customers and integrators.

Cameras are tested by 3VR to ensure a high standard of performance and interoperability before being deemed 3VR SmartCam Certified. All 3VR SmartCam Certified products, including the full line of Arecont Vision cameras, offer a set of features that optimize integration with the 3VR platform. Features include auto-discovery, flexible configuration from the 3VR interface and dual/multiple-streaming, which allows for high quality video streams for analysis and more compressed streams for long-term storage.

All Arecont Vision cameras provide multi-streaming capabilities delivering non-identical regions of interest as independent video streams. This allows end users to record footage from a camera with a large field of view as multiple virtual cameras.

“The goal of 3VRs SmartCam Program is to help customers and integrators easily identify which cameras will provide the most sophisticated functionality, while simultaneously being easy to support,” said Stephen Russell, chairman and founder of 3VR. “3VR technology is highly compatible with all of Arecont Visions IP and megapixel cameras and we are proud to announce the latest line of industry-leading products to be 3VR SmartCam Certified.”


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