Surveillance System At Texas Supermarket Chain Combines IP Technology, Mobile Video Access

A network of video cameras running NetDVMS enterprise-scale network video recorder software from OnSSI and MobileCamViewer software from mobiDEOS keeps perpetual watch at 28 grocery stores comprising the United Supermarkets chain across North and West Texas.

At each United Supermarkets store, megapixel cameras networked to a server provide high-resolution images of the cash registers and guest service areas, and outdoor cameras see everything that happens on the loading dock, in the parking lot or in back of the building.

OnSSI's software enables store management and loss prevention personnel to access video from their desktop computers. Integration of the OnSSI software with a centralized mobile camera enterprise server running mobiDEOS MobileCamViewer software delivers streaming, high-quality video live to any smart phone.

NetDVMS is OnSSI's multi-site, multi-server enterprise scale network video recorder and camera management platform. Each camera networked to the NetDVMS platform can be configured independently for frame rate, resolution, compression format, recording mode and storage location. The new systems at United Supermarkets stores include 20 Terabytes of memory, allowing video footage to be archived for about 30 days.

BAE Technology, the systems integrator, installed the video system at United Supermarkets' stores. United Supermarkets uses approximately 40 cameras in each store, with 60 cameras used in the larger Market Street format stores.

Newer megapixel and other IP-based cameras are networked to the OnSSI software along with existing analog cameras that are used with video encoders. NetDVMS supports hundreds of different IP cameras and encoders, as well as all popular video formats. United Supermarkets sees value in the OnSSI system's combination of picture quality and frame rate.

"With OnSSI, you are getting better picture quality, more frames-persecond, and archiving for longer periods of time,” said Ryan Louden installation manager at BAE Technology.

Archived video can become very valuable for United Supermarkets in the case of theft, a slip-and-fall accident, or someone presenting a bad check.

“When they realize something has happened, they can go back in and look at that transaction or accident,” Louden said.

NetDVMS provides powerful investigation tools, including the scalable Kinetic Timeline, and auto-generation of time interval and motion thumbnails via the Time Slicer and Motion Slicer features.

Scalability is also an important attribute of the OnSSI system for United Supermarkets. The system can grow as the company grows, and it is an easy process to add more coverage to a store. Dependability is another benefit: NetDVMS from OnSSI has been a very reliable platform. Each store's system is also accessible on the corporate local area network.

The mobiDEOS MobileCamViewer software works with a centralized mobile camera enterprise server to stream video of any store's cameras to smart phones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Motorola and other mobile devices without exposing the network to possible security threats.

The mobiDEOS software system adjusts frame rates and resolution of streaming video to accommodate available wireless bandwidth, always keeping image quality as the primary objective and frame rate secondary. Managers looking at video on cell phones need to see a clear image of a situation more than they need to see moving video.

mobiDEOS Enterprise Software brings remote video monitoring and remote intelligence to the palm of the Loss Prevention and Operations team without sacrificing security nor adding work for IT team. The solution is transparent to the enterprise network settings.

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