OnSSI Solution Integrates with SightLogix Intelligent Cameras

OnSSI has announced integration of its Ocularis video management platform with SightLogix intelligent video surveillance cameras for perimeter security. SightLogix systems combine edge-based video analytics, long and wide-area coverage, and GPS target tracking for accurate, cost-effective intrusion detection for protecting outdoor areas of any size.

Integration of OnSSI's software with SightLogix systems incorporates automated outdoor video security to complement the broader capabilities of OnSSI's Ocularis video management platform, which delivers performance, functionality and scalability for advanced IP video and security applications.

“OnSSI is known for delivering solutions to customers with the very best in video analysis, delivery forensics and response technologies,” said Gadi Piran, president and CTO of OnSSI. “Our integration with SightLogix enables our current and future customers to harness the powerful capabilities of SightLogix cameras to provide intelligent surveillance in outdoor applications within an overall system based on OnSSI's video management platform.”

SightLogix products include long and wide-range SightSensor security cameras in both visible and thermal spectra, SightTrackers that automatically steer PTZ/dome cameras and SightMonitor GPS target display software.

“We’re pleased to work with OnSSI to provide solutions to new and existing customers,” said John Romanowich, president and CEO of SightLogix. “Our customers now have enhanced capabilities for securing perimeters and outdoor areas ranging from small maintenance yards to critical assets of national importance.”

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