3VR Offers SmartAnalytic for Premium License Plate Recognition

3VR Security, Inc., the global leader in Intelligent Surveillance and Search, made its 3VR SmartAnalytic for Premium License Plate Recognition (LPR) available on Oct. 7.

The technology offers expanded support for international license plates, as well as the ability to read license plates moving at higher speeds on its intelligent surveillance and search platform.

“We’re constantly evolving our suite of video analytics to meet the needs of our expanding customer base, and the 3VR SmartAnalytic for Premium LPR is a prime example of that continuous development,” said Steve Russell, chairman, 3VR. “With this premium offering, we’re allowing customers in transportation, critical infrastructure and city environments to analyze license plates on cars moving at higher speeds and from more regions of the world – without the added expense of pricey, specialized cameras or complex support requirements. And, because it’s 3VR, we make the results instantly and easily searchable. ”

Built on 3VR’s best-in-class intelligent surveillance and search technology, the 3VR SmartAnalytic for Premium LPR provides the ability to read license plates from virtually any country without requiring the purchase of specialized cameras. And because all of the 3VR SmartAnalytics integrate seamlessly with other methods of structuring video, such as external data systems and facial recognition, users can search video on a vast array of parameters from a single interface.

Already in use at a top-three car rental agency, the 3VR SmartAnalytic for Premium LPR addresses security concerns by providing a reliable, truly searchable database of video associated with license plates. The use of 3VR’s LPR technology in high-traffic areas, such as ports, border crossings, parking complexes and busy cities, allows officials to implement license plate recognition that is accurate and simple to manage, yielding superior return on investment.

“With the 3VR SmartAnalytic for Premium LPR, we open the doors to searchable video regarding vehicle-related use cases in transportation, critical infrastructure and cities around the world,” said Al Shipp, CEO, 3VR. “As we grow our suite of 3VR SmartAnalytics, we continue to provide better options for customers to structure and search video, improving safety in the face of progressively more challenging security hazards.”

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