PESA Joins HDcctv Alliance

PESA, a U.S. manufacturer of high-definition video and audio signal distribution solutions, has joined the HDcctv Alliance.

“PESA has joined the HDcctv Alliance because we recognize HDcctv as the natural next step to move the Security and Surveillance markets toward high-definition video,” said Dan Holland, vice president of Product Marketing. “Worldwide, HDTV broadcasting in 16:9 (720p and 1080p) is becoming the preferred standard and the video surveillance market trend is moving toward HDTV as well. PESA is quickly moving forward to provide reliable, cost-effective and readily integrated solutions for HDcctv routing and switching solutions over coax or fiber optic cabling.”

“I am delighted to welcome a sophisticated, well-established switching equipment company to the ever-strengthening Alliance. I can foresee solutions incorporating PESA technology being valuable both to integrators looking to upgrade existing CCTV customers to HD video and to designers of greenfield megapixel IP video systems,” added Todd Rockoff, executive director of the HDcctv Alliance. “We look forward to PESA making a major contribution to the technical content of the evolving HDcctv standard itself and to the strength of the overall industry.”

The alliance has partnered with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) to leverage the high-definition serial interface (HDSI) broadcast television standard as the basis for the HDcctv specification. This groundbreaking standard delivering real-time high definition video over coax, fiber or CatX cabling, is a natural evolution for Surveillance and Security Industry customers to upgrade existing analog video over coax applications to the latest high-speed digital technology as well as affording unprecedented flexibility for the placement of IP encoders in megapixel IP surveillance systems.

As a long time member of SMPTE, PESA’s existing products are designed to deliver high-resolution video signals based on the SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 292M specifications for serial digital transmission. The company’s main product line includes routing switchers from 4X4 up to 1024X1024 in coax or fiber optic interfaces. In addition, a full line of extender and conversion gear is offered to accept DVI and VGA signals converted to the High Definition Serial Interface that can be shared over the same HDcctv-compatible switching fabric.

PESA plans to include the HDcctv Alliance’s recommended practices in upcoming switching products ensuring compliance with future HDcctv standards. In particular, PESA plans to certify its HD-SDI product portfolio as HDcctv-compliant. The standard is planned to include a variety of enhancements, including bi-directional audio and data, up-the-cable power and Long Reach Mode for 300m transmission over conventional RG-59 coaxial cable, as well as providing for physical interfaces enabling direct transmission over fiber optic and CatX cabling.

HDcctv Alliance is the non-profit industry association that develops and promulgates the global specification for high-definition closed-circuit television.


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