TimeSight Gets Nevada Gaming Certification With Video Lifecycle Management

TimeSight Systems announced that the company's intelligent networked video recording solutions using VLM have been successfully implemented in a Nevada Gaming Commission-certified environment for security and surveillance in commercial casinos.  Combined with high-resolution megapixel cameras for the highest video quality, the system also provides state-of-the-art surveillance of both the gaming and retail/hospitality environments, with retention of surveillance data for more than four times as long as what is required by law, which extends the property's risk coverage significantly.

The certified installation is at Jerry's Nugget Casino, a Las Vegas hallmark since 1964. The installation provides full coverage leveraging new, high-resolution, IP-based megapixel cameras around the facility, covering all aspects of the property from retail to safety, and to the regulated gaming environment.

"We had a number of objectives in mind when refreshing our surveillance system, with the key goals being truly forensic-quality video as well as extended retention to protect our business against all types of loss including regulatory fines, liability, shrinkage, and other types of crime," stated Jeremy Stamis, general manager of Jerry's Nugget.  "With the TimeSight system, in combination with today's newest megapixel cameras, we have an unparalleled surveillance environment that greatly reduces our risk as well as our cost, in addition to freeing up valuable space by reducing our equipment footprint by almost ninety percent."

The TimeSight-based system, installed by TimeSight Systems partner Southwest Surveillance Systems, will replace an analog environment that employed both VCR and DVR technology.  The new system’s unique combination of the newest high-resolution megapixel cameras from Basler provide a full frame rate 30fps stream even in low-light environments, which has been one hurdle to bringing megapixels into gaming.  The other obstacle has been storage requirements driven by hundreds or thousands of high-resolution cameras. The TimeSight VLM technology, however, slashes the storage requirement by up to 90 percent, making these systems both affordable and space-efficient.  The all-IP based system at Jerry's Nugget will support hundreds of cameras on less than one half of a datacenter rack, which is about one-twentieth of the existing space requirement of the DVR/NVRs.  In addition, the casino will be able to extend its video retention on table games by a factor of 20, and at least fivefold for the rest of the property's cameras. This gives the casino much greater protection over time to review past events, minimize liability and perform analysis.

"As one of the first certified megapixel installations in Las Vegas gaming, the quality of images is amazing and will set a new standard for forensic image quality in this environment," says Scott Bartlett, CEO of Southwest Surveillance.  "Most casinos struggle to determine the suits of cards on the table when viewing their video; this system gives the ability to clearly read the suit of cards on the table not only immediately, but months later.  Further, the ability to determine denominations of bills passing the cashier or read the labels on stacks of chips in the fill slip window brings a whole new level of audit ability to this market, and TimeSight is driving the leading edge. In addition, the property can address not only the gaming commission regulations for retention, but offer extended retention for their own needs past gaming, including back office, front office, retail and inventory loss-prevention."

"The gaming sector is re-awakening and investing in an aging security infrastructure that has long needed a refresh to deal with today's reality.  Today's IP-based technology can bring high-quality, actionable video combined with long-term protection for the establishment, as well as lower total cost of ownership now and in the future," said Charles Foley, CEO of TimeSight Systems.  "By leveraging the newest camera technology, such as the high-resolution, high frame-rate camera systems from Basler, with our Video Lifecycle Management NVR systems, casinos can have high resolution video with long retention on an open IP-based platform that cuts infrastructure costs by over 70 percent, which is a real winner in today's gaming environment."

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