Musical Instrument Museum Uses Genetec’s Omnicast To Help Protect Collection

Genetec recently announced that the acclaimed Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix has installed Omnicast, Genetec’s IP video surveillance system, for the protection and monitoring of its prized collection.

The Omnicast system is currently managing more than 200 Axis Communications and Interlogix IP cameras, plus a few analog PTZ cameras connected via encoders.

MIM is the world’s first global musical instrument museum and has a collection of more than 10,000 musical instruments and artifacts housed in a magnificent award-winning building of over 190,000 square feet. Several key stakeholders at the museum previously had positive experiences with Genetec products and believed they would be an ideal fit for MIM.

Armed with Genetec’s powerful and flexible video surveillance solution, Omnicast, museum staff are able to key in to specific high-risk pieces and ensure they remain safe. Currently, Omnicast monitors everything from the 190,000 square foot interior to the exterior of the building and parking lot for complete facility coverage.

All main security operations are centralized in MIM’s Security Command Center, a station manned 24-hours a day. However, the Omnicast system also allows for remote monitoring by senior staff and configuration of internal access user privileges by administrators, which provide an extra layer of security.

Omnicast’s intuitive user interface, which required little training despite a staff unaccustomed to security system usage, was a key feature. Jeff Worcester, project manager at Climatec, the integrator involved in the project.

“Omnicast’s ease of use is a key advantage to the system in any environment,” Worcester said. “It enables a security team comprised of individuals with any level of experience -- from none to a lifetime on legacy systems -- to quickly and easily learn to navigate the software.”

Additionally, the system’s highly flexible nature -- permitting customization via programming as well as an array of plugin and macro options -- was paramount to the success of the installation.

While MIM has only been open since April, staff were able to use the surveillance system to track a potential thief off the grounds and onto a bus. Later, MIM staff were able to direct law enforcement to the suspect using the bus identification number. In another instance, security staff were able to promptly identify paparazzi outside the building attempting to photograph a visiting celebrity and attend to the situation immediately -- all without visitor disruption.

“We have been quite pleased with Genetec’s Omnicast Enterprise system,” said Justin Karim, head of security at the museum. “Its flexible nature is particularly well suited to a museum environment, where exhibits move and the security needs are amorphous, changing regularly. The Omnicast system has met our demands, and we are even looking at possibly using the system to inform business decisions -- for example by expanding our system to include Genetec’s AutoVu LPR (license plate recognition) software for counting license plates in the parking lot to keep track of patron numbers. I would definitely recommend this system to fellow museums, as well as other professionals seeking a robust security system that delivers on the reputation of a leading company like Genetec.”

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