Arktan Systems, Mate Intelligent Video Introduce Low Light Perimeter Analytics Solution

Arktan Systems  has partnered with Mate Intelligent Video to create an extended field of view (FoV), low light, perimeter analytics solution, without fisheye distortion and with no moving parts.
Five lenses side by side, form a single multi-eye camera, providing 180o horizontal and 48o vertical field-of-view. The images captured from all the sensors are synchronized and stitched together using Arktan Systems' proprietary multi-imager video processor (MIVP). Arktan Systems' engineering group, based out of the Silicon Valley, California, has also developed state of the art noise reduction algorithms which enable capturing crisp color images with extraordinarily low blur even in low light conditions, eliminating the need for illuminators.
The Low Light Perimeter Analytics Solution (code named SilentEyes-SD) which Arktan Systems has developed and deployed with its technology partner, Mate Intelligent Video, reduces false positives significantly even in low light conditions.  The extended-field-of-view eliminates traditional inter-camera hand-off issues. This solution can run analytics over a much larger area per camera to detect perimeter intrusions, parking violations, wrong direction traffic, loitering etc.
Arktan Systems' CTO, Atif Sarwari, states that "We have  driven production excellence  by developing our own IP that includes mechanicals, image processors, encoders, and camera control applications. , SilentEyes-SD, built on our proprietary X-Vision platform, simply gives the end user unprecedented situational awareness without loss-of-detail or distortion".
Mate Intelligent Video technology leverages powerful, field-proven video analysis algorithms to turn any analog or IP surveillance camera into an intelligent, proactive, real-time detection system. Mate's rules-based alert functionality, with the unique Rule Dependency feature that combines multiple detection rules using Boolean logic, enable the control room personnel to define custom detection scenarios and focused alarms, based on their organization's unique needs.
"Combining the analytics power of Mate Intelligent Video with the image quality and extended FoV of the Arktan camera, creates a unique video analytics solution allowing high quality object tracking in wide areas", said Daniel Peled, executive vice president of sales, Mango DSP. "The ability of this one device to monitor and analyze an area that is usually monitored by up to 5 standard cameras, makes it a highly valuable automated video surveillance solution."
The 1.6MP, 180-degree field-of-view model used in this solution can pan and zoom with a simple click of a mouse in any part of the image.
A single Arktan Systems' camera provides a cost effective solution for end users, as it is considerably less expensive than purchasing, installing, and maintaining up to five IP cameras required to cover the same area. Users get high quality images with fewer installs, fewer camera management software licenses, lower maintenance fees, and better aesthetics to top these all.
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