IndigoVision Releases ONVIF-Conformant Security Management System

IndigoVision has released SMS 4, its ONVIF-conformant Security Management System. This consists of ‘Control Center’ 4.2 Video Management Software and updates to the company’s range of NVRs.
IndigoVision is already an Open System for storage, access control, analytics and other security systems. So ONVIF is truly ‘the final piece of the jigsaw’ for IndigoVision’s open architecture in that it now extends freedom of choice to third party cameras.
IndigoVision supports any Windows based storage manufacturer and integrates with leading access control vendors such as Lenel, Software House, Bosch, Honeywell, GE, etc. An open Application Programming Interface allows third party video analytics providers to integrate with IndigoVision systems and a Software Developers Kit is freely available so systems integrators can connect any other system. ONVIF further extends IndigoVision’s openness, with the freedom to choose any camera in addition to storage, access control, analytics and custom systems, making it probably the most open IP security system in the world.
End users can view and record video from both IndigoVision and ONVIF cameras in one seamless system. This offers the benefits of enhanced performance from IndigoVision’s end-to-end solution, with its class-leading compression, guaranteed framerate, camera-based real-time analytics and bandwidth-saving Activity Controlled Framerate. Adding ONVIF to this lets customers choose IP cameras from other manufacturers for specialist requirements.
IndigoVision SMS 4 also allows third party ONVIF cameras to benefit from IndigoVision’s distributed, serverless architecture that offers resilience and scalability without the single-point-of-failure and cost inherent with central servers. IndigoVision’s flexible licensing is also maintained, with management software being licensed exclusively per-camera. This means IndigoVision’s management software can be freely downloaded and installed on any number of operator seats and any number of NVRs for no additional charge.
ONVIF is now the leading global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security with more than 600 conformant products. IndigoVision is one of just 15 full members among its 250 strong membership and is totally committed to the standard, actively participating in and leading a number of working groups.
“Our ONVIF release marks the culmination of our journey to becoming what is probably the most open IP security system in the world,” said Oliver Vellacott, IndigoVision CEO said. “It gives our customers the best of both worlds: they get the easy install and low service calls they’ve come to expect from our end-to-end solution, coupled with the complete freedom of choice that comes from a truly open system.”
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