Graybar Honors Berk-Tek with the First Supplier Excellence Award

Graybar, one of Berk-Tek’s leading distributors of their copper and fiber cable products for more than 30 years, presented Berk-Tek with the first Graybar Supplier Excellence Award at their National Training Conference, held April 7-9 in Orlando, Fla.

The Graybar Supplier Excellence Award is presented semi-annually to recognize a product supplier that has collaborated with Graybar in an exceptional manner to successfully grow profitable business together.

“We are incredibly pleased to present Berk-Tek with this honor,” said Kathy Mazzarella, Graybar's executive vice president and chief operating officer. “Berk-Tek was chosen because they understand and support Graybar’s strategic market plan, collaborate effectively at all levels of our organization and demonstrate a commitment to achieving long-term success.”

“I am very humbled and honored to accept this award,” said Kevin St. Cyr, Berk-Tek's president. “This marks a major highlight in my career, as well as in Berk-Tek’s 50-year history.”

The award reflects Berk-Tek’s excellent support and innovative programs provided to Graybar in all facets, managed by Kris Lindley, Berk-Tek’s director of strategic accounts, handling the Graybar activities — from customer service, which includes the innovative vendor managed inventory program, to marketing efforts, related collateral and educational presentations.

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