Cyveillance, Wombat Security Technologies Team Up to Educate Organizations on Social Engineering Threats

Cyveillance has announced an agreement with Wombat Security Technologies to provide specialized training and testing of organizations on growing social engineering threats. The combination of Cyveillance’s Cyber Safety Awareness training and Wombat’s PhishGuru assessment and training service via simulated phishing attacks will allow employees at all levels of an organization to receive timely and targeted threat assessment education.

Users of the new testing and training offering will benefit first from the use of Wombat’s PhishGuru, testing employees through e-mail campaigns targeted to get them to fall for mock phishing attacks. Once a user falls for a mock phishing e-mail, for instance by clicking on a malicious link, a brief introduction to phishing, social engineering and how to protect oneself will be provided. At the conclusion of the e-mail campaign, Cyveillance will provide full social engineering training to employees through its Cyber Safety Awareness training, in order to fully educate employees and executives on these kinds of attacks. Thanks to a software-as-a-service model, both Wombat’s PhishGuru and Cyveillance’s awareness training are easy to deploy and enable organizations to repeatedly assess and train their employees to maximize knowledge retention and continuously increase awareness and security.

“With the emergence of interactive online communication tools such as social networks, blogs, microblogs and more, it is imperative that every single employee of an organization is properly trained and educated on the risks of socially engineered attacks,” said James Brooks, Cyveillance’s director of product management. “Through regular testing and training, organizations can keep a higher level of security awareness which ultimately leads to fewer successful social engineering attacks and consequently fewer network incursions and loss of proprietary and confidential information. Cyveillance and Wombat make a unique team in combating the most widely used, and successful, social engineering attacks.”

In contrast to simple penetration testing solutions, PhishGuru is an online tool to assess and train employees with simulated phishing e-mails. It allows cybersecurity professionals to choose from a variety of customizable phishing e-mail templates to craft mock phishing campaigns in a matter of minutes, assess employees’ cybersecurity readiness and provide targeted training to those that need it most.

“With the increase of phishing and spear phishing attacks making it past e-mail filters, employee training is absolutely critical. PhishGuru’s assessment and training approach has been shown to create unique teachable moments that can be used not only to assess workforce readiness but also to prime users for effective training. The combination of PhishGuru and Cyber Safety Awareness provides organizations with a powerful set of tools to train their users and prevent future attacks,” said Dr. Norman Sadeh, co-founder and CEO of Wombat Security Technologies.

Through computer-based training, Cyveillance's Cyber Safety Awareness gives all enterprise employees a behind-the-scenes look at the latest technologies and techniques powering today's most devastating Internet scams—fraud, network breaches, identity theft, social engineering and loss of customer data. The course provides detailed best practices on how to safely navigate the Internet, increasing awareness and heightening each employee's sense of responsibility.

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