Bexar County, Texas Selects G4S for Advanced Electronic Monitoring

Bexar County’s Pre-Trial Services and Sheriff’s Office selected electronic monitoring technology and solutions from G4S Justice Services LLC (G4S). The county seat of San Antonio, Texas, Bexar County is the 19th most populous county in the nation with a population of 1,714,773 according to the 2010 census.

Bexar County Pre-Trial Services now uses G4S’s enhanced global positioning tracking system and RF Patrol radio frequency home monitoring technology to monitor pre-trial defendants. Bexar County Sheriff’s Office now offers G4S’s enhanced GPS tracking to the courts as an alternative sentencing option to detention. G4S’s enhanced GPS tracking is a location-based monitoring solution that incorporates both GPS satellite tracking and cellular tower triangulation technologies. Monitoring for both programs occurs at G4S’s two geographically redundant monitoring centers that are staffed 24/7.

As part of the monitoring solution, G4S implemented a custom response program designed to increase participant’s accountability, ensure public safety and reduce officer overtime hours. Bexar County Pre-Trial categorizes individuals into three different levels. Each level operates under a different set of protocols that determine how G4S and officers respond to alerts. In addition, Bexar County-based G4S employees manage after-hour responses, reducing workload for county employees and overtime costs to the county. Bexar County officials cited G4S’s ability to provide a customized monitoring solution as a key element of the program.

“G4S’s broad continuum of products and services allowed us to customize offender monitoring solutions to meet the very specific needs of two separate Bexar County agencies,” said Darryl Martin, president of G4S Justice Services. “Our monitoring centers, training staff and account management teams ensured a very quick and smooth transition from the legacy providers. Now, Bexar County is able to assign offender monitoring services and technology to specific populations as appropriate. This capability truly puts them on the leading edge of monitoring offenders and ensuring public safety.”

The G4S Patrol Suite allows any agency to meet all offender monitoring needs through one trusted partner. Patrol Suite products and services include:

GPS monitoring

RF Patrol radio frequency monitoring

CAM Patrol Plus continuous alcohol monitoring and GPS tracking

VI-CAP Patrol video capture breath alcohol monitoring

Voice Patrol voice verification monitoring

WEB PATROL II information management system

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