New Generation Of IPcorders Announced

KOUKAAM a.s. develops and distributes IP camera systems and other network equipment. It is the largest distributor of IP camera systems in the Czech Republic.

At IFSEC 2011, Koukaam presents, among other things, a new generation of independent NVRs for IP camera systems, the IPCorder KNR-200 including the new FIRMware 2.0 compatible with OS Windows, Mac and Linux.

The KNR-200 series IPCorders are designed for 2 hard disks (3.5-inch SATA I or II) with a total capacity of 6 TB and accommodate up to 8 (KNR-200), 12 (KNR-202), or 16 IP cameras (KNR-206). Intended primarily for offices and retail chains, the devices are powered using external adapters (12 VDC). Though meant for complex IP security systems, the KNR-200 series IPCorders are of a very compact sized: 254 x 120 x 85 mm.

Koukaam also exhibits the IPCorder KNR-090, its new-for-2010 product and an economic solution for homes and small security systems at IFSEC 2011. It enables the connection of up to four IP cameras.

The IPCorders are designed to fully replace the computers in IP-based security systems. IPCorder becomes the center of the system. It records the image from the various IP cameras and enables real-time and record viewing, and controlling IP cameras and other connected devices remotely from any location using any web browser.

Another new proprietary Koukaam product on display is the NETIO-230B, a device with four remotely controlled sockets for remote control (switching and review) of other network devices and appliances.

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