Gamewell-FCI Introduces Second LOC Emergency Communications Console

Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell has expanded its emergency communications systems capabilities with a second version of its Local Operator Console (LOC) used to remotely control emergency messaging and system operation. As major components of mass notification systems, LOCs are required by the Department of Defense (DoD) on all U.S. military installations, and prescribed by NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code for commercial facilities.

The company’s original LOC comprises a microphone for live announcements and 16 programmable switches to enable authorized users to choose specific pre-recorded messages to broadcast or disseminate messages to particular zones within a facility. A third LOC component is a network graphic annunciator (NGA), designed to provide remote access to information on an entire fire alarm and ECS network, plus distribute text messages to all LOC units on the network. The NGA includes a bright, touchscreen display and intuitive layered menu structure for easy human interface.

The new LOC-TEL version offers a lower-cost alternative that also meets the mass notification requirements of Local Operating Consoles as mandated by the DoD in its Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) document 4-021-1. A telephone and 16 programmable switches allow this LOC-TEL to direct pre-recorded and live voice messages to any designated area within a facility.

"We designed these units to the UFC's exact specifications," said Bob Gomersall, product manager for Gamewell-FCI. "Pretty much all military posts are required to install LOCs every 100 feet in every building, but in many areas the functionality of this lower-cost version is really all that's needed."

According to Gomersall, the company's LOCs are also being sought after by more than military facilities.

"With NFPA's emergency communications codes being so similar to the UFC requirements, schools, hospitals and a lot of local government facilities are beginning to understand the advantages of integrated fire alarm and emergency communications systems such as ours," Gomersall said.

As a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule No. 84 supplier, Gamewell-FCI has noted a huge increase in the number of federal agencies and local governments considering an update of their current fire alarm systems with plans to phase-in emergency communications capabilities over a few years time. Under GSA contract number GS-07F-0087X, Gamewell-FCI's nationwide network of Platinum Engineered Systems Distributors can supply federal and local government entities with the latest fire protection and emergency communications systems under the GSA Co-op Purchasing Program.

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