IMS Research Honors OnSSI for Video Management Leadership

For the third consecutive year, OnSSI, a provider of IP video surveillance software, has been named the leading vendor of open-platform network video management software in the Americas, based on market share dominance. The annual report issued by IMS Research, a supplier of detailed market data to the global electronics industry, identified OnSSI as number one in market share for 2010 both in the category “Open Platform IP Video Surveillance Management Software” and in a separate category covering “Software Only Vendors” of such systems.

In the report, “The Americas Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment,” IMS cites OnSSI’s continued success in a growing and changing market. The “Open Platform IP Video Surveillance Management Software” category includes all products that support third-party hardware, with varying levels of support among vendors’ solutions. The “Software Only Vendors” category includes all products that support third-party software but that come from vendors which only sell software.

“This achievement highlights our commitment to the marketplace in developing intelligent solutions that are redefining the world of video surveillance by creating software that does much more in terms of connecting and automating security processes,” said Gadi Piran, OnSSI's president and chief technology officer. “With the increasingly complex demands of modern security, it is absolutely imperative that we continue to move the industry forward in this proactive fashion. As a market leader, OnSSI maintains a constantly evolving roadmap of innovative ideas.”

OnSSI’s flagship video surveillance and security platform, Ocularis, is a comprehensive video management system that provides precise and meaningful alerts and integrates multiple video content analytics, access control and physical security systems. Ocularis allows organizations of all types and sizes to monitor and control an unlimited number of cameras and detection systems at multiple sites.

“OnSSI’s ranking as the leading vendor of open-platform network video management software in the Americas for a third consecutive year demonstrates an impressive track record of success,” said Gary Wong, senior research analyst, IMS Research.

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