AOptix Launches Dash Six Iris Recognition Enterprise SDK

AOptix Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced biometrics-based identity solutions, recently announced the launch of their Dash Six Iris Recognition Enterprise SDK. As a complement to their InSight iris recognition systems, AOptix is rolling out Dash Six to bring exceptional matching accuracy to customers looking for openness, ease of integration and strong integration support.

Dash Six offers powerful, flexible, iris image processing capabilities that include iris segmentation, encoding and matching. Following years of rigorous engineering, structured statistical analysis and optimization in real world environments, Dash Six achieves superior accuracy, interoperability and speed.

With Dash Six, users can tailor functional attributes to meet deployment needs. The SDK offers strong support for “one-to-one” authentication (including a compact template-on-card format) as well as large-scale "one-to-many" identification, supported by powerful image quality and anti-spoofing metrics. And, because AOptix prioritizes interoperability, Dash Six can be implemented with a wide range of iris recognition systems.

“The Dash Six algorithm is already in use in demanding airport passenger terminals, secure facilities, and other environments where accuracy and consistency are critical,” says Joseph Pritikin, director of product marketing at AOptix. “When coupled with images captured from our InSight system, it unleashes the full capability of iris recognition, providing industry-leading biometric performance.”

Built for Windows and Linux operating systems, Dash Six is based on ISO 19794-6 standards for image format and quality. AOptix is now accepting orders for the Dash Six Software Development Kit and associated deployment licenses, and welcomes inquiries from domestic and international systems integrators, VARs, and end users.
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