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More than halfway through ASIS, and it seems to me that traffic on Day Two was slightly better than opening day. That's a good sign for exhibitors.

As usual, I held chatted with several key leaders on Tuesday. In a chat with Scott Wiley, director of product management at UTC Fire & Security, the topic was the quality of attendees. I think I have to agree that the people I talked to were more interested in security than adding to their pen collection. Nothing wrong with collecting pens, but we are here for security.

One area of interest that caught my attention was a video at HID, where they displayed a case study at Arizona State University. Apps loaded on smart phones seem to be the direction not only for security, but also student convenience. The application is stunning and I'm sure we'll see more about this. In fact, I'm working with Jeremy Hyatt to bring our readers a case study in the January issue that details how this application works.

Remember the day when you carried books, coins and cash, library cards and more in your Levi's 501 jeans while walking around the campus? This is quickly coming to an end.

Almost makes me wish I was 19 again. Well, not really, but almost.

We're also going to work diligently with Johnson Controls to bring a cover story in the December issue that focuses on this very topic, but it also will include building automation and the role security plays in the realm. It's an exciting time to be in the security industry.

While the evening parties are the order after a days' work, I enjoyed a productive evening with Stanley Convergent Security Solutions. It's an incredible party where you pick out your own steak, and all the furnishings that go with it.

Another well done event by the Stanley CSS staff.

Axis Communications celebrated its 15th anniversary with a word or two from company founder and IP camera inventor Martin Gren. I was too far back to hear Martin's words, but I spent a day with him last week in Copenhagen, and his animation and excitement for the IP camera industry is intoxicating. I've always wondered how he stays excited about the industry. His comment is, "it's fun and exciting."

Truly, it is an exciting time to watch the IP camera and IP networking industry grow.

I'm anxious to report tomorrow on our own roundtable discussion. We're hosting, along with Milestone, a roundtable discussion on the IP camera and IP networking. Milestone has been at this for nearly two decades, and the company consistently reports financial and economical success in the video management solutions world.

I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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