3xLOGIC Unveils VIGIL System 7 Video Management Solution

3xLOGIC, Inc., a developer of intelligentvideo surveillance solutions, announced today the release of VIGIL System 7 Video Management Software -- the power behind 3xLOGIC’s robust line of VIGIL hybrid digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs).

VIGIL System 7 incorporates a myriad of game-changing enhancements including its exclusive RapidStream Bandwidth Manager, enabling users to remotely stream andview storage-intense high definition video files with minimal impact on network bandwidth resources. Leveraging the Company’s proprietary AZTECH compression codec, RapidStream allows users to view multiple remote video feeds on a single monitor at full frame rates -- an essential capability for multi-location central monitoring.

RapidStream enables users to toggle between a bandwidth-conserving compressed video and the native high resolution video with just the click of their mouse. VIGILSystem 7’s intuitive interface enables users to control live view, recording and playback of all video -- both RapidStream compressed and high resolution video streams -- with simple to understand, easy to use controls in an environment that simultaneouslysupports any combination of analog, megapixel and IP cameras. While RapidStream Bandwidth Manager is a 3xLOGIC proprietary technology, it supports most IP camera currently on the market including 180- and 360-degree panoramic megapixel models.

According to recent IMS Research forecasts, IP video adoption continues to grow,accounting for nearly 30 percent of all surveillance installations in 2011. This growing adoption of high-definition megapixel cameras comes with the concern that available network bandwidth will not be able to support the storage-intense files these camerasare capable of producing.

Advances in compression codecs such as H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) and Motion JPEG have lessened the impact these files have on corporate infrastructures, but have not alleviated the challenge of remotely accessing these files.

This fact has not gone unnoticed by industry leaders like Arecont Vision, manufacturerof the latest generation of megapixel technology whose cameras supporting up to 20MP are currently being distributed. “Megapixel technology uniquely addresses the demandfor increased coverage and image detail achieved with a reduced number of cameras,”states Jason Schimpf, Director of Partner Relations with Arecont Vision. “The challenge has been being able to squeeze these high-resolution files into a manageable size for remote access in multi-location environments. 3xLOGIC distinguishes themselves intheir ability to make high definition video files truly accessible across the extended network, even on hand-held devices like iPhones and Androids, utilizing a minimum ofavailable bandwidth. ”

While users of mobile devices benefit from the bandwidth conserving capabilities foundin RapidStream’s compression technology, it is central monitoring stations that see the greatest impact.

 "Moving to megapixel has been a challenge for many monitoring stations,” says Jon Bolen, chief product officer for Westec Intelligent Surveillance, the industry’s only intelligent business monitoring solution serving Fortune 500 companies and smaller owner/operators throughout the U.S. “Working with 3xLOGIC and their RapidStream Bandwidth Manager has allowed us to continue to monitor video in low bandwidth situations with the added benefit of viewing high definition video when needed. Pulling up multiple multi-megapixel cameras streaming video, while viewing multiple cameras in both live and playback modes provides our operators with functionality we haven’t previously had without straining resources. When the situation requires us to zoom in or remotely capture an event we can easily toggle to the high definition video providing the best of all worlds."


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