AMAG Technology Releases Harmony Web Server Application

AMAG Technology, an access control, IP video and intrusion detection solution provider, recently released Harmony, an innovative web server application that empowers security personnel to manage AMAG's Symmetry Security Management System from any device equipped with a modern web browser, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Harmony is an ASP.NET web service that is installed on the user's local network, and supports the standard Symmetry SMS and Symmetry Homeland SMS.

Harmony facilitates real time, on-the-spot monitoring and control from anywhere. Harmony gives users the power of a Symmetry SMS Client on a handheld device. It allows users in real-time to verify and manage cards, clear alarms, view activity and live video, muster, and control hardware out in the field using devices such as an iPad, iPhone or Android.

The easy-to-install application requires no configuration. Users simply log in with their Symmetry username and password to access. Symmetry user role permissions are enforced as if logged into the Symmetry client.

"Since Harmony is completely browser-based, it provides a flexible and easy way to manage Symmetry, anywhere," said AMAG Technology Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Barnette. "Using a mobile device, users harness the power of Symmetry while at their facility or on the road, providing adaptable security for almost any need. Users can implement instant mobile employee or visitor management or use their Smartphone as a spot-check reader when the situation calls for it. Its unlimited number of uses offers many effective advantages."

The AMAG XML Developer Kit is required to clear alarms and send commands to the Symmetry client. The Data Connect option is required to create cards and events.

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