Seattle Public Utilities Using CyberLock Security System

Seattle Public Utilities has implemented Cyberlock's electronic locks and programmable keys to track multiple personell and control access at its 12,500-acre land. The land supplies water to 1.4 million people in the greater Seattle area.

SPU has installed CyberLock electronic padlocks on remote watershed gates, storage units and utilits sheds.

"CyberLock is an important part of SPU's security plan-of-action that enables our watershed to meet federal guidelines for securing critical infrastructure," said Darian Davis, SPU security and watershed manager. "It's an important part of SPU's security plan of action that enables our watershed to meet federal  guidelines for securing critical infrastructure."

With the new security system, SPU has more control over how contractors, employees and researches can access the wateshed. Specifically, SPU can program each person's electronic key to open specific lights they need to do their jobs. "The audit trail the locks and keys provide is a good investigative tool when there is an incident on watershed property," Davis said.

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