Detention Center Secures Site With Morse Watchmans System

The Lubbock County Detention Center, one of the largest county detention facilities in Texas, says it feels secure using Morse Watchmans key control and management system.

The center has been using the electronic security and access control systems since opening in 2010.

“Tracking keys from one shift to another is an essential procedure for maintaining a secure environment and the Morse Watchmans system provides that capability for us in an automated, easy to use way,” said CChambliss, day shift vaptain and detention response team commander. “The biggest change from the way we did things at the old Detention Center is in accountability. The KeyWatcher system automatically lets us know if any keys are not accounted for at shift change or if they were returned by another user. It allows us to take immediate remedial action.

The system secures each individual key to a Smart Key locking mechanicsm with a built-in memory chip. Every time someone takes a key or returns it to the key cabinet, the system records it. System administrators have to approve who has access to the keys. Approved users have to enter the correct PIN code on the cabinet's built-in keypad to unlock the cabinet and remove the key.

LCDC has four KeyWatcher cabinets, all of which are connected to the network so guards can monitor, update and report activity online. The captain can see who has what keys for what areas and when they are scheduled to return them.

“The system is extremely secure, easy to use and administer,” Chambliss said. “We don’t have problems with unauthorized access or missing keys and the paperwork takes care of itself. In fact, with less effort we have more usable information.”

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