Travel Abroad Safety Tips - Before You Go

The decision to travel abroad is not one to be made lightly. While there are certainly plenty of places to see overseas, it is extremely important to make sure you are fully prepared and safety is of the highest priority. The U.S. State Department offers some extremely beneficial travel safety tips for those traveling abroad. 

Safety begins at home, and it is critical to pack correctly for your trip abroad. Knowing what to pack, and almost more importantly, what not to pack, is of utmost importance. When abroad, it is important to not make yourself a target. To accomplish this, avoid any flashy displays of affluence, including jewelry or carrying large amounts of cash. While it is necessary to pack your passport, cash, and credit cards, they are best kept in your hotel safe when not in use. When you have them on you, it might be best to avoid keeping them in your wallet or handbag, as these are both extremely easy targets for thieves and pickpockets.

 For medicines, keep them in their original, labeled containers to avoid any trouble passing through customs. Carrying copies of your prescriptions may be useful should you run into any trouble. A photocopy of your passport may also be useful in the event your passport is lost or stolen. 

And of course, one of the most important aspects of traveling abroad is ensuring that your luggage is properly marked with your name, address, and telephone numbers. Covered luggage tags will avoid observation of your identity, and whenever possible, be sure to lock your luggage. 

Insurance is also important whenever traveling abroad. First, find out if your personal property insurance covers you for loss or theft abroad. Check to see if your health insurance covers you abroad. If not, policies designed for travelers are available, and may be a good idea.

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